Confessions of a Deranged Necrophiliac
||Intrisincley Not Worth Remarking||
~Heavy Halos~
My Dragon form
~~Agape: The Discovery Of True Love~~
Of Love & Self-Loathing
Pulveronic Engulfment
>>Macabris ^^ Hysterium<<
:} whispers in walled tombs:{
Parchment Wings
Confessions of a Deranged Necrophiliac
My Lover
Demon Est Deus Inversus
The Declensions of Agricola
Corpus Antichristi: The Dripping of Sundered Wineskins
|-Estrus-| {A Declaration of Heat & Lust}

{Hellraiser/ Clive Barker}

Once you've tasted power and victory it's hard to go back to being human, isn't it?

Dancing to the beat of a different drum..

No two alike...

As we follow our hearts in the blood dance.

Our skins succeptable

But that's just scratching the surface

Contorting my body so that i may enter

your cold white center

hard, milky, frigid tomb

placing my hands on the jutting bones

of your sensual hips

thrusting deep

shuddering in pleasure

as i take you

fucking you hard

not a care in the world

as i know you are locked within my chamber

noone will see

noone will hear my screams

not even you

burying my cock to the hilt in your cunt

grasping your hair as it falls apart in my hands

i cant kiss you

i cant see your eyes.

you wont wrap your legs around me

and shove against my ass so i can further penetrate you

you wont wrap your arms around me and pull me closer to you

but thats alright

this is all i need

just this cold silver exam table

my aching cock

and your ample body...

my rotting corpse.

{For My Pinhead..With All My Black Little Heart...Your Princess}

by ~*Rain~* Copyright 2005, All rights Reserved.